Alice Arlete Simao

My Story, Your Story 

This is my story, the old...   

     It's twenty-two (22) years gone by after meeting the man I marry and now it's ending and we're getting divorced. I find myself living alone for the first time in my life, feeling lost and unsure about everything.  I have to rediscover who I am as an individual. 

The journey...

     I begin looking for answers, for ways to ease the pain and loss,

how to grow and move forward.  Slowly I come across more and more healing resources that I had no idea existed.  I  see a therapist who is a Reiki Practitioner, I'm learning about the power of positive affirmations & prayer, attend classes on meditation, start working with a Shamanic Healer, hire a life coach, experience the sounds of the gong & bowls, and so on... 

     I'm traveling this path of enlightenment, spirituality, discovering my joy, my truth, my authentic self.  My soul yearning for new experiences, I decide to go on a women's adventure trip, not knowing anyone, never been hiking or white water rafting or horseback riding, and my first time visiting the southwest, namely  Santa Fe, NM.

My NEW Story...  

     A life that's been changed.  Starting over, a new love for myself I decide to relocate to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  A new home, in a new state looking for that same peaceful feeling I discovered when I was here visiting! 

     Finding my brave and my bold, discovering and exploring, healing, and transforming.  What I know now, what I have been through....I understand and this has inspired me to want to share with other women who are also looking to step out of the darkness into the light!

     I want to be the conduit that introduces women to the many opportunities available for healing, self love and bringing joy back into your life.  Providing access to experiences that inspire and empower your voice, your truth, your unique expression. 

     I have combined a variety of alternative healing and loving services provided by local experts into one event, focusing on your beautiful soul reminding you of your incredible shining light!

Your Story....

     Let me be your guide. Share with you new experiences here in the Land of Enchantment!  

See for yourself the beauty that surrounds you and the bold that lies within you!


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