Why Santa Fe, New Mexico?

I feel lucky to have grown up in the city of Chicago, with it's fast pace, diversity and enjoying Lake Michigan! But it was time to explore a new place, another landscape,

a different perspective and all the glorious possibilities where I could cultivate my best self!

The City of Holy Faith...

The mountains, sunny days, dramatic skies. Breathtaking natural beauty! Miles of hiking trails, hundreds of years of architectural, spiritual and healing history. The melding of three prominent cultures and how they have shaped New Mexico and it’s inhabitants.

Meeting people that, like me, came to visit and realized this place was calling them home! 

~Love Yourself Up~
Customized (3) Hour Experience 
 Explore different healing modalities including a few of the following: 
* A journaling exercise lead by local writer

A process known for reducing stress & promoting positive self talk.


* A spiritual architectural tour lead by local historian

See places that are truly inspiring and spiritually uplifting 


* Spend time in the salt cave  

Breathe in the healing properties of the crushed Himalayan salt


* Attend a sound ceremony

Listen to a combination of healing sounds created by unfamiliar instruments​​

*Drink & Dance

Visit a local Coffee shop that offers ​non alcoholic beverages with the added bonus of "dance" music to fill you up


  • Reservations required minimum two days in advance of event. 

  • Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold your spot.

  • Minimum number of participants may be required to schedule an experience.

  • Alternate experiences may be substituted in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Transportation not included but arrangements can be made for an additional cost. 

Contact me for pricing and availability! 


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