My New Story

I walked over to Cathedral Park today they were having an arts & crafts market. After a quick tour inside the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi I exited out through a back entrance that lead into the garden area. As I turn the corner the first artist I come upon is a Native American women, she had great was smooth and slightly wavy just to her shoulders, all black except for the very front which was white and it framed her face perfectly. She was hanging these ornaments on a couple of "Christmas Trees." She told me about the pieces, how she carves them out of cottonwood...We talked for a while and finally I picked one out I liked, that really says Santa Fe, NM to me. She

Goodbye Yesterday!

Turned in my resignation - it's been 15 years! I always knew this day would come when I was ready. So many changes within me, the job itself, so many people that I worked with already gone. I am unexpectedly touched by all the words of appreciation from some of the long time faces. Sold my condo, a few more days left here. Sifting, sorting and saluting literally a lifetime of memories in this place! My new home waiting for me 1200 miles west. Spending extra time with friends and family! It really is a glorious time. I didn't ever imagine such a celebration, truly soaking up all the beauty of the life I have created here. My heart is so full! Just makes this MOVE all the more right!!!

Attitude of Gratitude

Over the last five years I have been on a journey of self-discovery...I feel that I have learned/lived more fully present now than ever before. Grant it, I seeked out the assistance of three different therapists; one a Reiki healer, read a plethora of self-help books, tuned into many a podcast of sorts with life coaches and inspirational speakers, one spiritual retreat, a small scale women's support group, healing, wellness & mystic classes & seminars, created vision boards, had my astrological chart read, lots of guided meditation and attended a very enlightening religious series studying about and attending a catholic mass, reconstructionist synagogue, mosque, Hare Krishna Center, buddhis