Astounded! Like an adult finally, maybe? Older. Wiser? Accountable, responsible for my own choices, decisions, life. Aware of myself. Or more so that I want to have no regrets when my time here is up! I don’t like to use quotes to often cuz I believe in my heart that whatever I need to express, if I dig deep enough, the right words are already there inside of me. But ....I read this one aloud to myself everyday. “If we all did the things we are really capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison

It's a start!

There's a house finch that sits on my balcony railing every few days and sings! I wanted to give something back and since bird feeders are not allowed I thought perhaps these flowers will entice him/her to continue to visit me once and a while! This is my first attempt at planting anything- keeping my fingers crossed! When I first brought them home they were all purple and then this morning, a lovely white blossom!


There’s music playing in the background...I had to stop and ask the barista about it...called “Rapture at Sea” by Eastern Sun. I found it quit moving and calming at the same time! Sitting here at my new favorite coffee shop /bookstore near the plaza. Pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about this whole new journey! Guilt entered my mind about not being currently employed but did not stick around long...I decided instead to focus on enjoying this time, this moment - it’s the only one I get!