Just a bit of fun...

So I’m at my favorite coffee shop/bookstore again! Enjoying a mocha soy latte and vegan lemon date bar... Curious, it is that I find myself aware every so often that I am sitting here, music playing in the background and customers coming and going-somehow I slip into this state of “focus” where I’m the only one in the room and I don’t hear or realize anyone else is around- not bad at all!!!! Today the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is free for New Mexico residents- yup, that’s me.... and off I go, took home a copy of one of her paintings. A women, from what I’ve seen, who made up her own rules and followed her heart- regardless period!

Clarity in the silence!

Picture of Tibetan Prayer Flags hanging on my balcony- spreading a prayer of peace, love and compassion to all! Nothing specific to discuss today- just wanted to reach out and connect with everyone! Hello over there, wherever you are!!! It’s important for me to take time out each day, to sit in the silence, looking out to the mountains, listening to a guided meditation, quieting my mind before the day gets going! This “in-action” (sort-a) has brought immense peace and positivity to my life. More importantly it has also connected me with my true self, divine nature, source.  Before meditation I wasn’t even aware of spirit inside of me. Now it has opened my heart, changed my mind, been there t