I spoke to a dear friend of mine a few days ago and she reminded me that I only just moved and started on this new life path a few months ago...words that I needed to hear to be more patient and kinder to myself! I am absolutely fine! Physically I am going to my yoga classes and walking A LOT, eating my plant based diet. Mentally, I continue to meditate and read books that I enjoy and are encouraging. Spiritually, I practice gratitude, and my personal devotion to divine source. Emotionally, well that's the piece I have been struggling with lately. Doubts about whether or not I will be successful as an entrepreneur. Fear of running out of money. Loneliness at times. The uncertainty of pretty


A handful of years ago I remember quite sternly telling others that no, not me, I would never get a cell phone! I wasn't going to give in to THAT, wasn't necessary! Ha... And of course today, THAT cell phone contains more information about me, the people I know and my life then my filing cabinet! SCARY..... Facebook, yep another one of those concepts I was not willing to be a part of, no way, not gonna work for me...Ha, Ha Now I have not just one page but two pages going, a personal one and a business one...WHAT THE, seriously? Ha, Ha, Ha. SCARY... I never wanted to share who I was with others, I didn't want others to know me, what I thought or cared about...probably because I felt it/I wasn

No going back now...

I am finding that there are episodes in my life where in just one moment, slight or huge, it changes something or everything and it is absolutely like being on a runaway train that will not be stopped and I have no choice but to ride it out. Most of the time I'm hanging on for dear life....and yes although I am still alive there have definitely been those trips that had no destination and I crashed. Bruised, burned, barely breathing. I can not unmeet someone, I can not erase anything I put on the internet, I can not take back the hurt I caused or the hurt I felt... So why do I keep getting on that train? Yea, well after a while I realized that although I have a choice the definition of life