Yea, thought that would get your attention! Seriously though, during today's full moon I joined in on this beautiful meditation and once again discovered something about my expression of love... Such a complex subject matter or is it? Or is it just so simple, so easy, no explanation necessary. Do you have to learn it or do you just feel it? And which one comes first? Is there truly more than one kind of love? Or is it just love; for your parents, for your spouse, for your kids, for your animal companions, for friends, for the world, for life, for God! Regardless, I've lived my life always with the idea that I had to EARN love. Love isn't something anyone feels for me unless I have given them

Special Weekend Coming Up!

Yes, it's only Monday, I know BUT I'm super excited because it's my birthday this Sunday, October 28th!!! Fortunate to have another one coming up, first of all! And I just love making a big deal out of it, celebrating as often as I can for as long as it's a birthday weekend!!!! Not just one day! Of course for the obvious reason, I feel it is "my" day. I love soaking up all the attention and well wishes...c'mon how often do you get to hear from mostly everyone and they all have wonderfully nice things to say!!!! I remember as a young girl, my parents were really good about making it a big deal, celebrating, best day ever....always a party of some sort, lots of people around, and

I am....

I just got back from a weekend in Santa Monica, California. Stayed at the Hotel Viceroy. The purpose of my visit? Meeting my inner goddess, queen and shining my light brighter than ever! All the women I met, my sisters! Amazing, courageous, bold, brave, living outside of the box, embracing their own uniqueness in a world that doesn't encourage the female individual expression without paying the price of being labeled; crazy or selfish or bitch or too much.... Intense, and heart opening, fun and creative, loving and supportive! I'm so grateful for this special time and connection. A bond that ties us together for the rest of our days, even when we find ourselves in a place where we can't reme


I'm always looking up into the sky it's fascinating here. I never really noticed the sky in Chicago, but here it's hard to ignore. First the fact that it seems so close, literally like if I took a ladder I could reach up and be right in there with it! There is always something going on, so much drama. It's texture changes often in a single day. The colors; purple, gray, orange, in the early morning, the crystal clear blue in the afternoon and then at night when it's dark, the stars, so many stars, shinning, and the moon...Whoa! It's so beautiful and amazing, I was missing this before and so I'm grateful to look upon it now! It reminds me of the complexity of the universe, of all that is oc