Creative Expression

One of several fascinating things I’ve discovered here in Santa Fe... I’m meeting people who are just so creative and they have several outlets of creativity! The one who is a writer/ yoga instructor, the one that loves to bake and runs his own food tour company, the one that works on documenting historical buildings and also writes for a magazine, the one who paints and writes his own music... Honestly I find myself envious! First that these individuals have such a knowing sense of themselves, of what they love to create and how they enjoy expressing themselves. For so long I just went to work and really thought that was enough. I didn’t have the energy for creating anything else. It makes


This one's for the deep feelings I have for all of you! All that has brought me to now, to this place, the person I have become, all that has happened, is still to come. Every experience, the ones that made me sick, the ones that tore at my heart, the happy-happy, joy-joy, all the laughing, joking, and dancing! So many memories, all the faces new and old. It all counts! Oh to be a poet and gracefully express the words that are so clearly marked on my soul... When I close my eyes and clear my mind there's this small beam of light that lives in the middle of my chest. As I go further into that silence it becomes brighter and it grows these rays that beam out in every direction. It reminds me o


The list of words I could use to express some of my thoughts and feelings lately would probably take several hours and lots of pages to explain and explore and although all of them are equally important there are a few I would really like to share with you. This whole adventure of mine is nothing at all what I expected. Oddly enough the easiest part of this journey so far has been packing up my entire life into a Prius, with my kitty cat in tow, driving 1200 miles away from my home, leaving security, people and everything I know.... to start all over! CRAZY, yep I have been told "bat shit f....king crazy" to be exact. "In order to change your life you must be more available for the ridiculou