I've been thinking about the future, the past and of course the present. Settling in to my new existence... Practicing gratitude which has absolutely been a life saver! All the changes I have made more recently in less than a year...starting over. I am mostly amazed at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. When I look back at all my years, it's as if I was just getting by, yes going with the flow but not an active participant. I guess I am making up for "lost" time. Now I am on a path, building my life, creating with a purpose and working with God allowing the universe to guide my direction. I have had plenty of confirmation lately that I choose my thoughts and thus my out

The New Moon

Happening tonight at about midnight by me.... The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, of hope and faith, of embracing new ideas and letting go of what no longer serves us on our path. I find that I am very sensitive to the phases of the moon. I have noticed my own patterns of heightened emotions around this time and can easily come up with examples of decisions, choices or outbursts that occurred as a result! Luckily I am now aware of this and instead of fighting with what comes up I'm paying more attention and embracing whatever it is that I need in order to be more compassionate. Part of this compassion that is unfolding includes being true. True to myself, to others, I know we've all h

What's past....

My mind has been back in Chicago, in the past. It absolutely started Sunday morning. I had to be somewhere and had to drive my car. Keep in mind I do this so little now, driving, car trips! Anyway, it was cloudy and snowing, big flurries...I laughed. This sensation came over me, a familiarity. I may as well have been back in my home town right at that moment. And although I'm not a fan of driving at least I felt like I knew what I was getting into when I hit the road... Suffice it to say, the sun is out again today. The roads are clear and most of the snow has melted away! My favorite kind of snow fall, pretty white flakes, everything covered in this shiny crisp blanket. And then it's gone a