I was on a hike last week...snow, sunshine, mild temperatures, no wind...I've included a picture of the trail, Santa Fe National Forest. The group I was with, everyone agreeing about how beautiful it all is and feeling fortunate for the experience! Two of us from Chicago, we were discussing how...we might have stayed back in our hometown if the winters would've been like this! Funny how you live what you learn, one man's trash is another man's treasure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so on... Growing up in Chicago, the winter, snow and cold temperatures meant all kinds of things to me, unfortunately, nothing that I liked. Such as... *having to wear more and more clothing yet still


It's only been a couple weeks into this new year yet somehow I'm feeling like "bam!" Spinning in new ideas, re-evaluating, making adjustments, trying on a couple different paths, deliberate, organizing, navigating for positive, fulfilling, outcomes. Ever so seeking even more of that expression of love and peace and compassion. Baring my soul and absolutely throwing my heart over the bar! Bold, brave and bigger than life, nothing to lose. Why not? Some day I'll be gone and then what, nothing. Don't want to miss out on - everything possible! Even while asleep during the night, the scenes, and actions, the symbols and dreams! So fascinating, this whole other part of who I am. S