Where did it go? Didn't get to my blog for the whole month! I've been preoccupied... Seeing as I didn't actually have a "plan" when I decided to relocate and start this new life of mine, well I've been picking up and putting pieces together as they come along. Getting more intense.... I think this will say it best...I'd like to share a dream I had last night... "I walked into this party, didn't know anyone, no friendly faces. The party is ending and everyone is out on the street saying their goodbyes, waiting for rides to get them home. I'm on my cell having a hard time dialing the number to get my own ride home. I'm frustrated and I start to walk away from the crowd. I open a door go throug


Sometimes I find myself feeling really overwhelmed. Sometimes it's this sinking feeling that this moment, that I find so completely precious is only that, a moment, and then sadness and fear sets in that I won't get to feel this way again. I am so grateful for that moment and how incredible it is and then like a rope something pulls me back and says nope, I don't get to keep that. This new journey, this leap, this crazy idea to leave everything that was safe and take a risk hasn't been easy but it has given me so much more than I ever imagined I would be or do or have in my life. It is absolutely unbelievably frightening and I completely understand why most people do not attempt the unknown