I'm not a writer, just pretending. So thanks if you read this, if you read this and respond, or even if you decide not to read and/or respond. This exercise in my own self expression has been for me to grow, to let it out so that it doesn't eat me up inside, my release, to free myself of the belief that anything is that serious or that important and that I am more a spiritual being just checking out this human experience, existence for this short time in a place where the argument is time and space really don't matter. It's been a year now that I relocated to Santa Fe from Chicago to start a new chapter in my life. An incredible year! A moment for me to soak it all up...meeting new people. T

My Dad!

Took some time off social media these last couple weeks. I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't really care to engage. It seemed so unimportant compared to the reality of what was happening with my dad being in the hospital. Unfortunately, he didn't recover and I guess, decided it was time to sign off. He passed away Saturday, May 11. A good run, a good life...he was turning 85 years young next month, parents married 50 years in July. Yes, I'm sad that he's gone, I'll miss him. But what I find worse is how much he struggled and suffered for the last few weeks of his life. That he left in this state of not understanding, being a prisoner in his own body. That's more upsetting. Why did he have to