• alice arlete

The New Moon

Happening tonight at about midnight by me....

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, of hope and faith, of embracing new ideas and letting go of what no longer serves us on our path.

I find that I am very sensitive to the phases of the moon. I have noticed my own patterns of heightened emotions around this time and can easily come up with examples of decisions, choices or outbursts that occurred as a result! Luckily I am now aware of this and instead of fighting with what comes up I'm paying more attention and embracing whatever it is that I need in order to be more compassionate.

Part of this compassion that is unfolding includes being true.

True to myself, to others, I know we've all heard it before and it sounds so cliche but it's so absolutely worth repeating because it's way harder to do then it simply states and I'm going to say that I myself have not followed that for most of my life...

I followed the "should's." All those ideas the external world instructed I wasn't so natural nor was it mine.

My transformation currently a work in progress!

Sometimes it hurts, and it's scary, honesty and my truth, but regardless highly necessary and grateful for the growing and learning and lightness and happy too knowing this IS mine. Definitely getting better at it, you know practice!

Of course, with each person I meet I'm introduced to yet another possibility, another path and just how varied, how unique, how we are all born into our own timeline, journey, how we may or may not effect others, what gifts we bring to share, who we meet and for what purpose and for how long and what each of us has to offer this place and time....oh how I wonder.

So kudos to you on your life's journey, maybe you've already got it all figured out. But whatever -weight of the world -that you decided to take on in this life, I am so standing here by you with my heart wide open wishing that you may have LOVE and MORE PEACE!

Shining it up to the New Moon!