• alice arlete

Investing In Myself

Guess I'm a late bloomer, it's only now that I beginning to understand who I am and what moves me at the core of my being.

How enlightening these past several years have been. The moments, label them bad or good, that have brought me to here.

Prior to this I understood the basics. The "stuff" you "should" do.

Like, getting an education, a decent job, forming a family, buying a house, one day retiring. On top of that I was also indoctrinated via my catholic upbringing about my person, (speaking of my own experience and interpretation) that of unworthiness, sin and how to feel guilty about everything.

Lethal combinations for forgoing getting to know absolutely anything about who I am, how to think for myself, listen to my heart, go within to find the answers, live my own purpose, dream big and love myself.

It's a new day! I'm choosing to follow through from my gut, my heart, the feelings that drive me. Realizing and honoring my truth, my substance, doing what I believe in. No spiel or gimmick. Trying to crazy love everyone - I said trying!

At times, a challenge staying inspired and remembering to find that peace inside regardless of the external world and its chatter.

And so this idea of investing in myself seems to be a reiterating concept....

How many times have I dismissed something that benefited me and my internal workings because of, you name it.....

*costs too much

*I can't make the time for that

*others would think I was irresponsible

*it's a luxury not a necessity

*don't deserve it

*other things are more important


That's the point of this life. To be my highest, greatest, most loving self which can only lead to caring for and wanting to share more with everyone else!

Best analogy, the safety training on airplanes....put your mask on first then help others.

So, I've decided to invest in myself.

It may look like I'm having too much fun, or paying too much, or trying new things that inspire me, or not settling on that job because I want more and have more to offer.

BUT that's what I've decided to do, invest in myself.