• alice arlete

Ode to the DJ

It's not just someone coming in and playing some music...

Recently, I was requested to find a DJ for an upcoming event....

I didn't ask anything, (mistake number one) was just told they wanted loud, festive, party music, the kind for serving up Tequila (mistake number two) each person interprets that differently.

The day arrived and I went to take a look at the venue to see where the DJ would be setting up (mistake number three) to find that they wanted the DJ to set-up outdoors (temp in the 50's) in some obscure corner away from the people...more like background music then main attraction.

The DJ starts to play, volume is good - loud enough to enjoy but able to talk's fast, heavy bass....Few minutes later I am being asked to have the DJ turn the music down lower...O.K

...few minutes more now the request is too play something more "chill."

Seriously? Now I'm apologizing to the DJ for not being aware of all of the above...and luckily the DJ came equipped with a set of down-tempo songs that were doable.

Three hours later the night is done, DJ packing up...

Honestly, I didn't ask "them" for any feedback about the event, kinda don't want to know.....

See because here's the thing...I felt a lack of respect and appreciation was demonstrated....even from myself.

I understand now...DJ-ing: it's an art form, it's someone's story, it's taking you on a journey, sharing of one's self expression. Sure anyone can learn and practice the skill but there are so many "DJ's" out there that it's a piece of themselves they are sharing with you, it's a love, passion...from their heart and soul.

As a student, I have had many opportunities to watch and learn from other DJ's, amazingly, each one with a different approach, form, style, genre, preferred method of equipment, from vinyl to digital, Serato or Rekordbox, AIFF, WAV, MP3...and the list goes on...

As individual as the person's beautiful, anyway you slice it - it works, as long as the end result is the same.....does it sound good to you or better yet are you INSPIRED?!!!

A whole new level....I salute thee, hats off, THANK YOU DJ!!!!!!

"Last night a DJ saved my life with a song!"