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No going back now...

August 2, 2018

I am finding that there are episodes in my life where in just one moment, slight or huge, it changes something or everything and it is absolutely like being on a runaway train that will not be stopped and I have no choice but to ride it out. Most of the time I'm hanging on for dear life....and yes although I am still alive there have definitely been those trips that had no destination and I crashed. Bruised, burned, barely breathing.


I can not unmeet someone, I can not erase anything I put on the internet, I can not take back the hurt I caused or the hurt I felt...


So why do I keep getting on that train?


Yea, well after a while I realized that although I have a choice the definition of life itself is movement, growth, change, increase and it is in every moment whether I want it or not!

I know at one point in my life I did try to sit and stay at that one station.  Nope, time wouldn't have that. The ride isn't over for me yet. 


I was literally pushed into this world so it only makes sense that I  keep getting pushed into something new, different, challenging so that I can expand, flourish, goes as far as imaginable and then some.


And despite the fears, the pain, I'm still so very grateful! It all makes me better, brighter, wiser and knowing that this too shall pass, gives me hope and faith for even greater joy, peace, happiness, and love





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