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September 11, 2018

Before I get to the nitty gritty of this post...I've just had another brilliant thought...I think I'm gonna become a coffee shop connoisseur...namely cuz I spend so much time in them, and different ones, and there are a lot of them here in Santa Fe.


Today, I am checking out a really cozy Italian style cafe.  It is located on a corner with an outdoor patio, they are playing some great jazzy tunes in the background. And of course the coffee is smooth and subtle- yummy!!! 


Now that that is settled....I'm just curious what draws people to other cultures, religions and MUSIC that is not of their own familial upbringing?  I for example am drawn to the Native American culture but am a transplant of European/Caribbean decent. 


I spent the weekend attending several musical events and enjoyed each one (rough weekend, I know)! But each one with it's own individual experience.  First night was a meditative event listening to Tibetan singing bowls which are known for their healing properties and reducing stress.  Second night was a latin rock band which included salsa dancing. Third night was a concert of Kirtan music which is a chanting or devotional singing to the divine.  

Ultimately what I have realized is that music is definitely an integral part of my life!  It affects my mood, my emotions and my health!  And although I can absolutely appreciate the serenity of silence and it is much needed at times to strike a balance...I want to be around music, as much as possible!!!! It lights up my soul. 


But back to my question, at all of these events I was happy to see a diversity of ages and ethnic backgrounds. Is it a curiosity, is it because it is something so unlike what you are exposed to growing up or I'm gonna go way out there and ask is a part of us that is familiar of who we perhaps were in a past life?


Whatever it is I am grateful for the opportunity to experience others in this wild, wondrous world, for the freedom of choice and for the availability of it all!!!! 











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