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November 6, 2018









The list of words I could use to express some of my thoughts and feelings lately would probably take several hours and lots of pages to explain and explore and although all of them are equally important there are a few I would really like to share with you. 


This whole adventure of mine is nothing at all what I expected. Oddly enough the easiest part of this journey so far has been packing up my entire life into a Prius, with my kitty cat in tow, driving 1200 miles away from my home, leaving security, people and everything I know.... to start all over! 


CRAZY, yep I have been told "bat shit f....king crazy" to be exact.


"In order to change your life you must be more available for the ridiculous then your reality." Jen Sincero


CRAP, yea everything I know is out the window, it doesn't apply anymore, it's bullshit crap that's cuz nothing is as it seems nor can it be, everything is new, different. I'm different. 


ALLOWING, of course, whatever the hell it is I'm going with it. Got too, backwards is not an option. 


FEARLESS FAITH, the one and only thing that gets me up every morning wondering how am I supposed to do whatever it is today, that gets me there! 


SOMEBODY, this one's so important, it's the everybody's that I have met here, the one's I left behind, and the few in-between. Their support, judgement, advise, friendship, questioning, explanations, care, concern, kindness, even cruelty. Not going it alone.


Shhhhhh.....hush feelings and thoughts, let me be, still, quiet, free! 


Then again, this, my vision! Sometimes it's clearer then other times, it changes up a little here and there.  And then it comes to me, focus on the good, my truth, the joy....

Everything's gonna be alright! 










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