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Do Less?

July 20, 2019

I was laying in "savasana," for those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a yoga pose. Usually the last pose of a yoga practice where you lie still on the mat, eyes closed, in a relaxed state but focus on not falling asleep. Easier said then done, especially after a class where "horse" pose and "utkatasana" are repeated for an extended period of time. 

Nonetheless, it was exactly then, during "savasana" when the instructor asked us to take that time to "do less." 


I thought to myself what a phenomenon, as if I had never heard that before..."do less." Actually, maybe I haven't heard that before. The world I've grown up in says do more! That equals more. 


More of what you want, right? Work more to make more money, exercise more to get more health, the more schooling the more success and so on....I don't know if I can honestly say any of those "more's" have done anything except give me more stress! That, I don't want.


So perhaps this suggestion is even greater than something that was said to me during yoga.  Maybe it's about my whole life...not struggling to do more but instead trying doing less. 

Less in a way that isn't lazy but is more relaxed. Stopping to take the time to be still, to just be and not have to be doing anymore than that. 


It's been a long learned life of pushing forward, no surrender, go go go.....


Guess I need MORE practice in "do less." 










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